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Please fill up this order form, take a printout, and send it alongwith your payment. to:


Hollywood, CA 90078

In case you do not have access to a printer, please send your name and address on a piece of paper alongwith the payment.

Please make orders payable to 'Gold' and send a confirmatory Email at

You are sending the money by : Money Order
(USPS MO is considered cash and gives immediate delivery)
Personal Check Cash
Enclosed is $43 for Creating a New Credit File
Enclosed is $25 for $15,000 Monthly Mailing Booklets
Enclosed is $38 for Ending Money Problems
Enclosed is $38 for Attracting Goodluck like a Magnet 24 hrs. of the Day
Enclosed is $33 for Collecting on Insurance in Full
Enclosed is $35 for Making My First Million Dollars
Enclosed is $63 for Stock Market Insider Supersecrets
Enclosed is $22 for Amazing Substance Worth More than Rubies
Enclosed is $30 for Buying Gold, Silver, PLatinum at 50% discount of Market Prices
Enclosed is $20 for Buying a used car and becoming a millionaire
Enclosed is $2 extra for each for priority handling.
((( Please take 5% off for each additional ebook order after the first ebook. EX: For order of 2 books, take 5% off the total; for order of 3 books, take 10% off the total; for order of 4 books, take off 15% off the total; etc. ))) Ref.
HOW DID YOU LOCATE US? (which search engine, keywords, etc.).
If by using your information your guarantees do not stand up, I am entitled to my money back.

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